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What our customers are saying

“Integrating Method Mill could not have been any simpler. I just inputted our mParticle and data base credentials and selected AmazonRedshift as a warehouse. Within minutes we had ownership over our data on a platform enabling operational and business intelligence that didn’t exist before.“

– Jeremy Levine, CEO @PlayDraft

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Connect all of your data to any data warehouse

Plug and play. Low monthy fee. Dozens of connectors.


Build your own data pipeline

Follow your customers through their complete customer journey.

Join data sources to pull comprehensive omni-channel and omni-device insights.

Layer your favorite BI tools and statistical software over your data.


We take the security of your data seriously.

All data is encrypted at both the transport layer (SSL/TLS) and storage layer.

Credentials are encrypted and salted with an initialization vector using 256-bit AES encryption before being stored. Credentials are never, ever stored as plaintext.

All computation and transformation is done on a private cluster not addressable to the general internet.

Two – factor authentication is used for all logins.