The Behavioral Analytics Cookbook

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We are pleased to announce the release of the first Ebook from Method Mill, The Behavioral Analytics Cookbook. At Method Mill, we consider using the data your app collects to optimize your UX incredibly valuable and greatly under-utilized. And so for this reason, we decided to write this Ebook.

So what is the secret to unlocking the value of this data? Behavioral Analytics, an untapped domain for product managers with huge potential to change and grow your business immeasurably – without spending a single dollar on marketing.

We could not keep this secret to ourselves! We partnered with the team at Juiced, an app design and development company, to bring you an Ebook that outlines practical steps you can take to begin your journey towards app optimization and achieving your objectives for your app. Objectives such as user retention, engagement or sales conversions. These steps are:

  • Step 1: Determining your business objectives
  • Step 2: Configuring Analytics
  • Step 3: Using Behavioral Analytics to analyze data


Our goal, is that after reading this Ebook, you would walk away feeling more confident in using the wealth of data that your app provides to grow your business. For your FREE copy of The Behavioral Analytics Cookbook visit our website at or download here.