The Behavioral Analytics Cookbook

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We are pleased to announce the release of the first Ebook from Method Mill, The Behavioral Analytics Cookbook. At Method Mill, we consider using the data your app collects to optimize your UX incredibly valuable and greatly under-utilized. And so for this reason, we decided to write this Ebook. So what is the secret to […]

5 Ways to Use Analytics to Maximize Growth

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Web and mobile companies collect an inordinate amount of data. This infographic from DOMO shows how much data is generated every minute by some of the larger companies. It’s astonishing. Companies can collect data quite easily and cheaply. However, turning data into insights is a far more challenging problem. Analysts must use the vast amount […]

An Introduction to Behavioral Analytics

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Behavioral Analytics is the study of how and why users interact with a digital application. Behavioral analytics does not exist with physical products because very little data is collected after the physical product is sold. One of the hardest concepts to grasp about digital applications is the fact that a wealth of data can be […]

5 Ways to Get Started Using SQL for App Optimization

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As we discussed last week, rapid growth to your product requires custom analytics. Custom analytics allows you to answer almost any question that you have about your data and users and enables you to maximize the value of your data. Getting direct SQL access to your customer data (also known as event data) is particular […]

6 Quick Ideas Veat can Use for Better User Conversion

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Veat is an application that lets users find up to 20 people in their area to talk to or date. Veat boasts a unique concept for dating apps: “Users create short videos to introduce themselves so you know exactly who you’re talking to.” In this post, we’re going to explore some points that Veat can do to help with […]

Why Custom Analytics is Necessary to Achieve Rapid Growth

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As we wrote last year, product managers, marketers, designers and executives across all organizations consistently tell us the same thing: “Analytics Tool X can’t answer all of my questions, especially the questions I really need answered.” Analytics tools generally have a dashboard that gives high level reporting and a section for more granular reporting that […]

6 Tips for TED to improve mobile retention and engagement

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TED Talks are “influential videos from expert speakers on education, business, science, tech and creativity.” Their mobile app is a platform for people to watch, download and share TED’s videos. This is a look into how that app works for users and a set of recommendations and observations to the user experience that can help […]

Ways to do Facebook Advertising that actually work

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You’re ready to start growing your business and increase your sales conversions. Facebook ads are a valuable tool in your marketing tool belt for your growth strategy. However, care must be taken to set goals and plan your spending effectively out the gate to fully optimize your investment. It’s a common mistake that people make […]

5 Ways to Use Data to Improve Your User Experience and Drive Growth

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Mobile and web apps collect an inordinate amount of data. Analytics providers make it easier than ever to collect data about how users are interacting with your app, but unfortunately data collection does not necessarily lead to growth. There are dozens of ways to use data to drive growth, but for this article we will […]

How to Run an Effective A/B Test

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A/B testing (or split testing) is a method of comparing two versions of a digital asset (including webpages, apps, ads, or email subject lines) to determine which one performs better. Running more than two tests of a digital asset is known as multivariate testing. Effective A/B testing drives tremendous growth across your entire marketing and […]