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Darkroom describes itself as, “A quick, powerful photo editor for iOS. Featuring raw editing tools, editable filters and more.” We’ve had a chance to use Darkroom, and have found it to be a great tool, but a little lacking in basic user onboarding and guidance for first time users. Let’s dive in!

Types of Onboarding

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My rule to live by for registration and onboarding is “the shorter the better”. Users have to get something out of each step of the registration process for it to be useful, and if they feel like they are being given unnecessary steps to take they will bounce fast. Quick and easy, only clicking 2 […]

Different ways of paying for users

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Advertisers have a number of different ways of paying for paid media campaigns. We’ll discuss 5 here: CPM. Cost per thousand impressions. Quite simply, you are billed based on the number of times your ad is shown. If the publisher is billing at $5 per thousand impressions and your ad is shown 5000 times then […]

A deeper look at where to acquire “quality” users

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The Growth Continuum One of the most common mistakes we see our clients making is assuming that users acquired from different channels will engage with your product equally. If you are launching a product, your first users are almost always your friends and family. Since they personally know you, they will use your product extensively. […]

Why We Built This

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The inspiration for Method Mill came from our work as a services company. Throughout the last year, we worked closely with dozens of web and app developers to 1) set up and implement analytics and 2) help them analyze their data. After doing consulting for a while you start to see common problems and solutions […]

How Draft Tackled a Data Mess and Improved LTV 17% in Less Than 2 Months

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Summary: Mobile app Draft leveraged Method Mill to make data-driven decisions to increase user LTV by 17%. Platform: Android, iOS Location: New York City Category: Fantasy Sports Three Primary users: Nicolo- CTO Justin- Product Manager Dave- Analyst The company   With the NFL season about to begin, Draft’s biggest obstacle was increasing their user’s LTV […]